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The core team members worked in the gas industry for nearly 20 years, experienced the growing period in China, and accumulated unsurpassed experience of corporate operations:

Resources Development and Integration
  • Thorough understanding of the domestic gas industry growth and equipment manufacturing, able to integrate and optimize the design.
  • Capability of integrating the resources of relevant resources of government, industry, human and technology.

Project Development and Construction
  • Capability of identifying and implementing quality project with excellent business insight.
  • Rich experiences of technology and equipment integration of mini LNG plants.
  • Rich experiences of managing the projects from plan, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and operation.

Capabilities of Corporate Operation and Management
  • Multiple track records of growing the business by risk control and learning from past mistakes.
  • Outstanding performances of business developments, expanding companies, team building and implementing operation management systems.
  • Successes in implementing intellectual technology and systems to support the corporate operation.

Mr. Chen is one of the outstanding leaders in China’s gas industry. Being with the gas and distributed energy industry for nearly 20 years, he participated in and pushed the marketization of gas industry. He was Chairman of CAGR Limited, Chairman of Elion Gas Co. Ltd., CEO of China South City Holdings Limited and CEO of ENN Energy Holdings Limited. When he was with ENN, he leaded and completed the business layout national wide. As a result,  the number city gas projects of ENN increased from 6 to more than 120, the profit increased by 20% on annual basis, the stock price increased from HKD1.36 to around HKD30, the market capitalization increased by ten times, and ENN becomes the global benchmarking enterprise in utility industry. When with China South City Holdings Ltd., he again implemented the national wide business layout. He established Elion Gas Co. Ltd. and CAGR Limited.
Mr. Chen holds a MBA degree of Tsinghua University.

Dr. Pang worked at Royal Institute of Industry of New Zealand as researcher for 10 years.  He returned to China in 2001 and took the positions of Chief Engineer of ENN Group,involved the preliminary work of establishing ENRIC, an company that produces gas equipment as well as tanks for LNG. In 2006 he was the Commercial Director of NEOgas Inc., an US company, development the market of long tube CNG trailers in Thailand and successfully introduced the ISO 11120. He established GTE Global Co., Ltd. In 2009, and led the team to develop and manufacture equipment of LNG filling stations, LNG direct supply, FSUs and FSRUs, etc.

Dr. Pang holds Doctor’s degree of Massey University of New Zealand.

Mr. Bai has engaged in city gas operation, LNG production and distribution,construction and operation of power plants from clean energy for more than ten years. He has rich experience in comprehensive management of gas companies. He was General Manager of Southeast Asia Project of CAGR,and heads of various departments and BUS in Hanas New Energy Group including HR, strategy and development, LNG Project, Division of Power Generation. He managed the construction of LNG Plant with capacity of 800,000 t/a, construction and operation of  4X200 MW gas fired power plant and operation of 600MW wind farms.

Mr. Bai holds MBA degree of School of Economics and Management (SEM), Tsinghua University.

Mr. Sudadi experienced in Natural Gas Trading for 15 years. In 2003, become one of the founder in PT. Bayu Buana Gemilang (as a Director), trader and natural gas distribution company in Indonesia. In 2005 participate to establish PT. Citra Nusantara Gemilang (as a Commissioner), company that engaged in Compressed Natural Gas. In 2011 start to establish PT. Alamigas Mega Energi (as a Commisioner), a company that engaged in Natural Gas distribution through the pipeline, CNG and LNG.
In PT. Alamigas Mega Energi, Mr. Sudadi conduct LNG sales for Dump Truck fuel, coal transporter in east Kalimantan. Currently, preparing for the Mini LNG Plant construction.
Mr. Sudadi’s educational is in Faculty of Geography, Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta and Master of Sharia Economic, Tazkia Institute.